Everything Your Mother Has Ever Told You Is Right

“Blah Blah Blah” or “I’ll find out for myself” were my two main thoughts every time mother told me something. I just assumed she was wrong because she isn’t a teenager anymore so how would she know….. WRONG. She knows what she is talking about and she is right

  1.  “Don’t Date a Boy Who is Disrespectful to His Mother” Well guess what, I did. I learned the hard way that my mother was right. He is going to treat you exactly how he treats his mother.
  2. “Don’t Drink the Punch” Though I have actually never drank the punch, I have smelled it and seen it being made. Oh my goodness, no way would I drink that. I have also seen other girls drink it and we all know that didn’t end to well. Don’t drink it unless you want to be best friends with the bathroom all night.
  3. “Don’t call after 10 pm” As goofy and old fashioned as this sounds it is totally true. Even though today texting is more common than calling this rule still applies. If he texts you after 10 pm that shows you what he truly thinks of you, so imagine what he thinks when you text or call him after 10?
  4. Don’t rush into anything” At 15 I had a serious boyfriend who was two years older than me. Looking back at it, I think it is really weird. But I rushed into that relationship ignoring everything my mother ever said about it. Don’t rush into a relationship ever. You could end up making decisions you will regret or getting your heart broken.
  5. Cross Your Legs” Do it. Just do it. 
  6. Don’t Show Cleavage” To this day every time I get dressed that is something I make sure is fully covered. It makes me uncomfortable knowing that I am just flaunting my body when I am showing cleavage. We also all know what we say when we see a girl revealing everything she has…. you don’t want anyone to say that about you.
  7. Read Your Bible” The Bible is full of advice, mood boosters and all around good stories. Being prepared with the knowledge of the Bible is something that will help you in everyday life.
  8. Kill Them With Kindness” We all know there is nothing worse than a bitter girl fight. But don’t stoop to their level of being rude and starting rumors, rather be so kind to them that it just eats them alive.
  9. Actions Speak Louder Than Words” We all know this is true. You could be the sweetest, most considerate girl but the second you get up on that table and dance multiple opinions are formed by the people watching you, before they even get to know you. Remember, first impressions are the most impactful.
  10. You Are Only As Good As The Company You Keep” Yes. This is completely true. I was “best” friends with a group of girls in high school that had questionable reputations which made me have a questionable reputation even though I had never done anything to earn that reputation besides be friends with that group of girls.
  11. A Smile Can Bright Someone’s Day” We all know this is true. So no matter how hard it might be for you smile, do it. You could change someone’s whole day.
  12. Don’t Go Back” An Ex is an Ex for a reason. Keep it that way and move on. The future is brighter than the past.
  13. Don’t Post Anything On Facebook You Wouldn’t Want Your Grandmother To See” Everyone looks at Facebook and makes judgements at the snap of their fingers. Keep your social media clean.
  14. Don’t Wear To Much Make-Up” Learn to wear your make-up with out caking it on. Make is there to help enhance your natural beauty. Natural is pretty.

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