25 Reasons Why Having a Best Friend is Better Than a Boyfriend

  1. Borrowing clothes isn’t the same. His clothes won’t make you look like a perfect ten, but more like number 10 of the football jersey you are wearing. 
  2. You’ll get more likes on your Instagram pictures with your best friend. People get sick of seeing you and boyfriend all the time.
  3. He won’t care if you are having a bad hair, he probably wouldn’t even notice. Your best friend would come over with bobbypins and lots of hairspray.
  4. Who else are you going to send screenshots of the text messages he sends you and ask, “Like what do I say back to that?” 
  5. Make-up. He doesn’t know the difference between a smokey eye and a cat eye, but your best friend knows that neither of the those are a good look. 
  6. He won’t dance around to Timber by Ke$ha with you while you’re getting ready to go out, but you may get some movement out of him if he plays a good game of Fifa. 
  7. You can’t count on him to always have lip gloss.
  8. He won’t know the different between Steven Madden and John Madden.
  9. You can’t try out new Pinterest hair and make-up ideas on him, but if you can kick him to the the curb pronto. 
  10. You can’t tell him when you think your waiter is cute, but when you’re with your best friend you can leave your number or hers. We all do it.
  11. He won’t be able to be your “Other Half” at a party and if he is prepare to not being able to make the “the best snapchat my story” you ever made…. since last week. 
  12. You can’t order the whole Taco Bell menu with him on a Tuesday afternoon and then go eat dinner later that night, then follow it by some ice cream from Braums with out a little judgement.
  13. He won’t tell you when your make-up/hair/outfit looks bad, but your best friend will tell you then follow it up by taking some pictures and laughing at you.  
  14. He won’t do a juice cleanse or the new fad diet with you, but your best friend would do it and convince you cheat and go get a taco and pretend like it never happened.
  15. He will never understand why your Starbucks drink order is like fifteen words long but your best friend knows it is because it is less calories, more caffeine and of course a latte, duh. 
  16. He probably won’t make you a picstitch on your birthday of your best and worst pictures and then post it on Instagram, and if he does he is probably a stage five clinger. 
  17. You don’t wear the same size shoe. Enough said. 
  18. He will never understand the power of the monogram. It makes everything you own so much more classier. 
  19. Binge watching Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill or RomCom movies on Netflix while all snuggled in to bed is only fun with your best friend. 
  20. Pinterest is like a foreign language to him and you don’t have the patience to teach him but thank goodness your best friend is fluent. 
  21. Doing a homemade avocado face mask with him is just plain weird. 
  22. He will never be down to go get his nails done. 
  23. Target shopping trips will be boring. Say bye to walking through the clothes. the shoes, the make-up but most importantly the dollar spot.
  24. His pockets are not going to hold all of your stuff when you do not want to carry a purse. 
  25. Your best friend will always be there for you even when he is not. 



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