Self Respect Is Hot

 “Boys Suck.” If I had a dollar for every time I said that or heard another girl say that I would have enough money to actually make my Pinterest closet a reality. Here is the truth plain and simple… Boys don’t suck, but sometimes (most of the time) their actions do. A college relationship doesn’t happen like it does in the movies. Now days it’s a “ya we are talking” or “ya we have a thing” but very rarely is it an actual relationship. If he only text you after 9 pm, don’t reply. If he “never has time for you” then you don’t have time for him. Don’t lower your standards to please him. 
  Boys talk. I think they talk more than girls. If you are his Thursday night girl, trust me all his friends know all about you and they probably don’t think highly of you. Nobody wants to be that girl or date that girl that doesn’t respect herself and gives into all the sweet words he says to you. He’s probably a smooth talker and knows what to say because he’s most likely had lots and lots of practice. 
  Your self-worth is not found in boys. Believe it or not self respect IS hot. If he is truly into you he will respect you too. He will probably think it is extremely attractive that you value yourself. If he cares, let him show you. All good things in life do not come easy. Remember that boys. You are SO VALUABLE and he needs to know that. Make him prove himself to you. DO NOT SETTLE. He may make you happy because he sent you the cutest text today, but does he treat you well? 
  I’ve always told myself I want to date and marry someone just like my dad. The way he treats my mom, the respect he has for her and his unconditional love he shows her everyday has given me an example of the perfect guy. But trust me I’ve settled plenty of times too and it always ends the same way. I say “no” and he says “bye”. Then I waste my time thinking about what I did wrong…but really I didn’t do anything wrong but show him that I have self respect. So why do I feel so bad about myself when I should feel proud of myself? It’s because I tried to find my self-worth in a boy. 
  Boys are cute and fun to be around, we all know that. Flirting is fun too but don’t get carried away. Let them take you out to dinner, let them take you to a movie but DO NOT let them take your self respect. Don’t settle. Go out with your girlfriends, laugh, have fun and show those boys just what they are missing. They can’t bring that Thursday night girl home to momma. Wear your self confidence and self respect proudly. Do not give in to him because he is cute or because he “promises” you are more than just a fling. Remember all good things in life do not come easy including yourself.



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