Everything Your Mother Has Ever Told You Is Right

“Blah Blah Blah” or “I’ll find out for myself” were my two main thoughts every time mother told me something. I just assumed she was wrong because she isn’t a teenager anymore so how would she know….. WRONG. She knows what she is talking about and she is right

  1.  “Don’t Date a Boy Who is Disrespectful to His Mother” Well guess what, I did. I learned the hard way that my mother was right. He is going to treat you exactly how he treats his mother.
  2. “Don’t Drink the Punch” Though I have actually never drank the punch, I have smelled it and seen it being made. Oh my goodness, no way would I drink that. I have also seen other girls drink it and we all know that didn’t end to well. Don’t drink it unless you want to be best friends with the bathroom all night.
  3. “Don’t call after 10 pm” As goofy and old fashioned as this sounds it is totally true. Even though today texting is more common than calling this rule still applies. If he texts you after 10 pm that shows you what he truly thinks of you, so imagine what he thinks when you text or call him after 10?
  4. Don’t rush into anything” At 15 I had a serious boyfriend who was two years older than me. Looking back at it, I think it is really weird. But I rushed into that relationship ignoring everything my mother ever said about it. Don’t rush into a relationship ever. You could end up making decisions you will regret or getting your heart broken.
  5. Cross Your Legs” Do it. Just do it. 
  6. Don’t Show Cleavage” To this day every time I get dressed that is something I make sure is fully covered. It makes me uncomfortable knowing that I am just flaunting my body when I am showing cleavage. We also all know what we say when we see a girl revealing everything she has…. you don’t want anyone to say that about you.
  7. Read Your Bible” The Bible is full of advice, mood boosters and all around good stories. Being prepared with the knowledge of the Bible is something that will help you in everyday life.
  8. Kill Them With Kindness” We all know there is nothing worse than a bitter girl fight. But don’t stoop to their level of being rude and starting rumors, rather be so kind to them that it just eats them alive.
  9. Actions Speak Louder Than Words” We all know this is true. You could be the sweetest, most considerate girl but the second you get up on that table and dance multiple opinions are formed by the people watching you, before they even get to know you. Remember, first impressions are the most impactful.
  10. You Are Only As Good As The Company You Keep” Yes. This is completely true. I was “best” friends with a group of girls in high school that had questionable reputations which made me have a questionable reputation even though I had never done anything to earn that reputation besides be friends with that group of girls.
  11. A Smile Can Bright Someone’s Day” We all know this is true. So no matter how hard it might be for you smile, do it. You could change someone’s whole day.
  12. Don’t Go Back” An Ex is an Ex for a reason. Keep it that way and move on. The future is brighter than the past.
  13. Don’t Post Anything On Facebook You Wouldn’t Want Your Grandmother To See” Everyone looks at Facebook and makes judgements at the snap of their fingers. Keep your social media clean.
  14. Don’t Wear To Much Make-Up” Learn to wear your make-up with out caking it on. Make is there to help enhance your natural beauty. Natural is pretty.

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25 Reasons Why Having a Best Friend is Better Than a Boyfriend

  1. Borrowing clothes isn’t the same. His clothes won’t make you look like a perfect ten, but more like number 10 of the football jersey you are wearing. 
  2. You’ll get more likes on your Instagram pictures with your best friend. People get sick of seeing you and boyfriend all the time.
  3. He won’t care if you are having a bad hair, he probably wouldn’t even notice. Your best friend would come over with bobbypins and lots of hairspray.
  4. Who else are you going to send screenshots of the text messages he sends you and ask, “Like what do I say back to that?” 
  5. Make-up. He doesn’t know the difference between a smokey eye and a cat eye, but your best friend knows that neither of the those are a good look. 
  6. He won’t dance around to Timber by Ke$ha with you while you’re getting ready to go out, but you may get some movement out of him if he plays a good game of Fifa. 
  7. You can’t count on him to always have lip gloss.
  8. He won’t know the different between Steven Madden and John Madden.
  9. You can’t try out new Pinterest hair and make-up ideas on him, but if you can kick him to the the curb pronto. 
  10. You can’t tell him when you think your waiter is cute, but when you’re with your best friend you can leave your number or hers. We all do it.
  11. He won’t be able to be your “Other Half” at a party and if he is prepare to not being able to make the “the best snapchat my story” you ever made…. since last week. 
  12. You can’t order the whole Taco Bell menu with him on a Tuesday afternoon and then go eat dinner later that night, then follow it by some ice cream from Braums with out a little judgement.
  13. He won’t tell you when your make-up/hair/outfit looks bad, but your best friend will tell you then follow it up by taking some pictures and laughing at you.  
  14. He won’t do a juice cleanse or the new fad diet with you, but your best friend would do it and convince you cheat and go get a taco and pretend like it never happened.
  15. He will never understand why your Starbucks drink order is like fifteen words long but your best friend knows it is because it is less calories, more caffeine and of course a latte, duh. 
  16. He probably won’t make you a picstitch on your birthday of your best and worst pictures and then post it on Instagram, and if he does he is probably a stage five clinger. 
  17. You don’t wear the same size shoe. Enough said. 
  18. He will never understand the power of the monogram. It makes everything you own so much more classier. 
  19. Binge watching Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill or RomCom movies on Netflix while all snuggled in to bed is only fun with your best friend. 
  20. Pinterest is like a foreign language to him and you don’t have the patience to teach him but thank goodness your best friend is fluent. 
  21. Doing a homemade avocado face mask with him is just plain weird. 
  22. He will never be down to go get his nails done. 
  23. Target shopping trips will be boring. Say bye to walking through the clothes. the shoes, the make-up but most importantly the dollar spot.
  24. His pockets are not going to hold all of your stuff when you do not want to carry a purse. 
  25. Your best friend will always be there for you even when he is not. 


Fifty Things Every College Girl Should Know

New friendships, old friendships, rude boys, cute boys, bad hair day, bad decisions, good grades and a good cry. Little things like that are learning experiences and can truly help you learn who you are.

  1. First Impressions are never forgotten. So make it count.
  2. Go to class and take notes. Nobody likes an unmotivated girl.
  3. Taco Bell at 2 am won’t kill you.
  4. Just because you are away from your parents doesn’t mean the still can’t find things out.
  5. Go easy with the perfume because chances are every other girls is going to have some on too.
  6. Regardless if you know her or not, help her out if she has had to much to drink.
  7. Leggings are pants, but they don’t work for every occasion.
  8. Save you hair bows for functions or mixers. Do not wear them everyday, you are 20 not 5.
  9. If you have to study on the same night as a big party then plan accordingly. If done right, you will have to stop by that party.
  10. If you are going to drink, don’t ever be “that drunk girl.” Drink responsibly.
  11. Do something fun for spring break.
  12. Don’t throw yourself at him.
  13. “If he cared, he’d call.”
  14. PDA is never cute.
  15. Always charge your phone before you go out.
  16. Manage your money.
  17. You won’t meet your boyfriend at a frat party.
  18. Get involved on campus. (It is a great way to get recommendation letters too)
  19. Don’t send a snapchat you wouldn’t want someone to screenshot.
  20. If he has cheated before, he will probably cheat again.
  21. Everything your mother has ever told you is right.
  22. Treat yourself or splurge on an item that will make you feel confident.
  23. If you borrow someone’s clothes, return them in a timely manner.
  24. Playing hard to get works, but don’t play too hard or you can come off as rude.
  25. Use a planner.
  26. Do not curse on social media.
  27. Living in the dorm is unlike any experience you will ever have.
  28. Keep your fingers and toes painted. Trust me, boys notice.
  29. If you are not a natural blonde there is a good reason for that.
  30. Don’t sleep in your make-up. You’ll regret it.
  31. Don’t upload pictures with mass amounts of alcohol in them.
  32. Don’t drink and drive.
  33. Have a strong group of friends. They will always be there for you, even when he is not.
  34. Make time to talk to your parents.
  35. The best place to get advice from is the Bible.
  36. Pictures. Take Pictures.
  37. Look presentable for class. Nobody likes a girl that rolled out of bed with her greasy hair.
  38. Respect yourself.
  39. Stand firm for what you believe, even if you are standing alone.
  40. Failure is apart of life, so learn from it.
  41. Walmart make-up works perfectly.
  42. If you are going to wear heels, you need to know how to properly walk in them.
  43. Don’t post everything you think on social media. It’s annoying and nobody cares.
  44. Stop using Tinder. It’s just plain weird.
  45. Bandeaus are not tops.
  46. It’s okay to cry. Sometimes you have to, but you’ll feel better afterwards.
  47. Stay updated with the news.
  48. Laughter is always the best medicine.
  49. Pinterest is the best website when you are bored.
  50. Find out who you are, it’s apart of the college experience.


Self Respect Is Hot

 “Boys Suck.” If I had a dollar for every time I said that or heard another girl say that I would have enough money to actually make my Pinterest closet a reality. Here is the truth plain and simple… Boys don’t suck, but sometimes (most of the time) their actions do. A college relationship doesn’t happen like it does in the movies. Now days it’s a “ya we are talking” or “ya we have a thing” but very rarely is it an actual relationship. If he only text you after 9 pm, don’t reply. If he “never has time for you” then you don’t have time for him. Don’t lower your standards to please him. 
  Boys talk. I think they talk more than girls. If you are his Thursday night girl, trust me all his friends know all about you and they probably don’t think highly of you. Nobody wants to be that girl or date that girl that doesn’t respect herself and gives into all the sweet words he says to you. He’s probably a smooth talker and knows what to say because he’s most likely had lots and lots of practice. 
  Your self-worth is not found in boys. Believe it or not self respect IS hot. If he is truly into you he will respect you too. He will probably think it is extremely attractive that you value yourself. If he cares, let him show you. All good things in life do not come easy. Remember that boys. You are SO VALUABLE and he needs to know that. Make him prove himself to you. DO NOT SETTLE. He may make you happy because he sent you the cutest text today, but does he treat you well? 
  I’ve always told myself I want to date and marry someone just like my dad. The way he treats my mom, the respect he has for her and his unconditional love he shows her everyday has given me an example of the perfect guy. But trust me I’ve settled plenty of times too and it always ends the same way. I say “no” and he says “bye”. Then I waste my time thinking about what I did wrong…but really I didn’t do anything wrong but show him that I have self respect. So why do I feel so bad about myself when I should feel proud of myself? It’s because I tried to find my self-worth in a boy. 
  Boys are cute and fun to be around, we all know that. Flirting is fun too but don’t get carried away. Let them take you out to dinner, let them take you to a movie but DO NOT let them take your self respect. Don’t settle. Go out with your girlfriends, laugh, have fun and show those boys just what they are missing. They can’t bring that Thursday night girl home to momma. Wear your self confidence and self respect proudly. Do not give in to him because he is cute or because he “promises” you are more than just a fling. Remember all good things in life do not come easy including yourself.